Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Requesting for urgent help

Dear Friend,

I am sending an emergency appeal for the cost of medical treatment for Rut Ring Awng Tu, 8 years old boy who have been seriously ill in Zai Awng IDP camp in Sadung area.

While we have visited Zai Awng IDP camp on 17th Feb we met Rut Ring Awng Tu who has been seriously sick without adequate medical treatment for many months in Mungga Zup clinic in Zai Awng. His condition got worsens since a recent month. His parents and medical staff are left hopeless therefore the Kachin Relief Fund (KRF) offered financial assistance in the form of the transportation and medical check up. He was briefly checked up at Yinjiang general hospital in China but the doctors referred him to Mangshi hospital and admitted there unconscious on 18th of Feb night. The doctors at Mangshi hospital diagnosed him with Tuberculosis (TB) infection, infected throughout his body, and hydrocephalus, also called water on the brain. For initial medical check-up we have spend 3,000 Yuan yesterday, but he remain unconscious. For further treatment the Chinese doctors asked Yuan 30,000 (£3,296) deposit.

The KRF have limited resources therefore we would like to appeal our friends for the cost of his medical treatment as much as you can.

Please kindly response this urgent appeal on my Chinese mobile phone 0086 1831 459 3122 or Maran Zau Hkum on 0086 1536 8673 673 for your commitment.

I am sorry to ask for your assistance on very short notice but looking forward to hear from you very soon.

Sincerely yours,
Hkun Htoi
The Kachin Relief Fund
Mai Ja Yang

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